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find email addresses everywhere

This powerful email extractor is the ideal solution for companies and webmasters. Create and manage your customers' contact lists from numerous sources.

With the email grabber you can find email addresses almost anywhere – in locally stored files or mailboxes, via search engines or on websites. The keyword search specifically finds addresses of specific industries. When searching the web, links to other sites are followed, taking the quality of the results through various setting options always remains flawless.

Test the software for 30 days free of charge. If you have any questions, visit our FAQ or contact us.

email grabber - made in germany

Powerful features

crawling email addresses ...
  • ... on websites and portals
  • ... through numerous search engines
  • ... from Excel and OpenOffice spread sheets
  • ... from Word, Pages and OpenOffice documents
  • ... from emails and address books (Outlook, Thunderbird)
  • ... from PDF documents
  • ... and other files

More features:
  • Easy comparison of address lists
  • Stores TXT, CSV, XML, SQL, DBF
  • Exchange with other programs
  • Sorting by country (TLD), domain, etc.
  • Link tracking / spider function in up to 100 levels
  • Filter lists for exceptions
  • Selective deletion of email addresses
  • Eliminate duplicate email addresses

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email grabber v.2022.2 for Windows 10/11


Find email addresses in the following file types with the email grabber

DOC DOC files were the standard format in Microsoft Word prior to version 2007 and are backward bi-compatible with Office 1997.

DOCX As of Microsoft Office 2007, DOCX is the standard format for saving documents in Word.

XLS XLS files were the standard format in Microsoft Excel prior to the 2007 version. Even newer versions of Excel still open this format without any problems.

XLSX From Microsoft Office 2007 onwards, XLSX is the preset format for tables or spreadsheets in Excel.

PPT PPT files were the standard format until Office 2004. Powerpoint is the most widely used program for presentations.

PPTX As of Microsoft Office 2007, PPTX is the preset format for presentations in Powerpoint. The format is supported by the email grabber from version 2021.

Pages Pages is a word processor on the Mac developed by Apple. The associated files have the extension .pages. The email grabber 2022 reads these files.

PDF With version 2021, the email grabber also supports Adobe's popular PDF format for displaying documents.

ODT ODT is a text document in the OpenDocument format by OpenOffice, is also used by LibreOffice and can be opened by Word. The T stands for "text".

ODS ODS is a text document in the OpenDocument format by Apache OpenOffice (previously developed by Oracle). The S stands for Spreadsheet.

ODP ODP is a presentation file in the OpenDocument format from OpenOffice / LibreOffice. PowerPoint also opens this file. The P stands for "presentation".

* In principle, the email grabber can search through any file and find email addresses even if the file type is unknown.

Other supported file types


Find email addresses with these search engines

Bing Bing is Microsoft's search engine and #2 after Google in most regions of the world.

Google Google is by far the largest search engine. This is currently integrated in the email grabber via, which lists Google results.

Qwant Qwant is an independent search engine developed in France with a focus on privacy protection. The quality of the results is comparable to Google and Bing.

Yahoo Yahoo was the world's largest search engine until it was replaced by Google. Today, Yahoo is barely a factor and uses results from Bing.

Aol. Aol. is an American internet service provider. The Aol search is currently using results from Bing.

Ask is a search engine that can also answer questions.

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