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Fast email crawling, harvesting, extracting, scraping – everywhere

App Icon 2021

Version 2021.8 (ca. 2,7 MB)

multilingual (deutsch / english / español) / Windows 10
Downloads: 2.372
Defender SmartScreen

The current email grabber version is not yet known to Microsoft Defender, until then you have to confirm this warning.

Older versions

App Icon 2.x

old version 2.2.1 deutsch (ca. 2,2 MB)

App Icon 2.x

old version 2.2.1 english (ca. 2,2 MB)


Details on the new features of the individual versions can be found in the release notes. Release Notes ❯

The email grabber trial version is limited to an use of 30 days. It only can save 50 email addresses at once. The registration will remove these restrictions. Buy now ❯


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