Email Grabber - FAQ: How can I ...
... search a page with subpages and subdomains for email addresses?

  • Menu: Search files ❯ Add ❯ URL
  • Enter the URL of the homepage and " OK " press
  • Menu: Settings ❯ URL filter
  • In the right column (" only include links with this text ") enter the domain name for Example
  • Press the start button
  • In the dialog for start preparation:

    • Set the number of link tracking levels to a high value, e.g. 20
    • Level from which only internal links are followed: 20 (as before)
    • Empty the URL history lists if necessary
    • Press the "Start" button in the dialog window

The search ends when links have been found and searched in 20 stages or when no new links are found (all links must contain

But without subdomains?

Would you like to search the entire page with all subpages but without their subdomains for email addresses?
This post in the email grabber FAQ explains this step by step: search without subdomains ❯

! There is not with the internal link tracking worked, instead it was determined that every link to be found must contain the domain name, this closes also include subdomains such as etc.

! If the option to delete duplicate addresses immediately is not selected , you can now delete duplicates using the delete button ("... Duplicate addresses") under the Remove email list.

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