Email Grabber - FAQ: How can I ...
... find email addresses in a forum?

Reading out a forum works very similarly to the email grabber step for Step-by-step instructions " ... search a portal or similar sites? " described.

The link titles to the individual forum pages are usually " Page 1 ", " Page 2 " or " next Page ", the actual links to it are in the status bar of the browser when you move the mouse pointer thereon shows and can be viewed with a right click ❯ Show properties and are at the top of the address bar, if man click on it.

Links in forums are often structured according to a scheme similar to this:
.../forum.php? start = 0 & other parameters = xy

The starting value is interesting here, if you look at the various links you will see that this one most of time increases with the number of posts per page.

The number after the start = is replaced in this example by the counter and the step size possibly set to 10 or 20 ..., depending on how the forum is structured. Of course it is also conceivable that a Forum has the page number in the address, you have to do this every time through " Research " in the Browser find out.

Alternative approach: search the entire forum

Add the URL to the forum homepage and select a high one in the preparation for launch dialog Link tracking value (e.g. 10 or 20), For the value from which only the internal link can be followed, select "0", since you only have the forum itself search for email addresses.

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