Email Grabber - FAQ: How can I ...
... find email addresses from certain countries and sort them according to them?

There are several ways to find preferred email addresses from a certain country.

For example, you can force that only email addresses that contain .fr, .de etc. are found:
  • Menu: Settings ❯ Email filter
    Here you can enter country endings such as .fr or .de in the right column and another address thus ignore

Similarly, you can also see the websites to be tracked limit. As with email addresses, there are also URLs that end, for example, in .com and in are written in any language, these naturally escape you:
  • Menu: Settings ❯ URL filter
    Here you can enter country endings such as .fr or .de and other URLs in the right column thus ignore. In the left column you can also select pages from specific countries to ignore. So you can enter .de there in order not to find any German pages

It is also possible to help with keyword searches on the web by choosing a search engine, which preferably delivers results from the desired country:
  • Menu: Search files ❯ Add ❯ Keyword search on the web
  • Select a search engine from the desired country

If you already have a list of collected email addresses, you can click on " TLD " Sort in the head of the list.

About the "Delete" Button under the email list of the email grabber you can select specific email addresses Maintain or delete certain countries. For example, type .it for Italian addresses to delete.

! Note that .com .net .org is mostly used by people from all over the world @ addresses are very common in Germany. Fairly safe You can only find out about their origin for country domains such as .de for Germany or .fr for France etc. be.

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