Email Grabber - FAQ: How can I ...
... find an e-mail address with specific words?

We are looking for email addresses with certain words, for example those that contain the character string " test " included, so or etc.

In order to only allow such addresses to be included in the list of email addresses, define a filter. You won't find it like that more addresses of this type, but sort out all unwanted addresses in advance:
  • Menu: Settings ❯ Email filter
  • In the right column (" only record e-mails with this text ") the string " test " enter

Use the keyword search on the web intelligently to get the chance to get the email addresses you want maximize:
  • Menu: Search files ❯ Add ❯ Keyword search on the web
  • In the line " with all words " You can do it with the desired word test
    try or *@test*.de (asterisk @ test asterisk .de). The asterisks are used by Google as Placeholders/wildcards/jokers. The @ is unfortunately ignored, but you can find the desired word in the Connection with .de (also .com etc. possible), which increases the chance of being hit on an e-mail address
  • In the line " with any of the words " it makes sense to use the following words to be entered:
    contact imprint email mail (without comma) - since email addresses are usually close to one of these words stand, you increase the hit rate enormously and search few unwanted pages

About the "Delete" Button under the e-mail list you can selectively unwanted Delete email addresses.

! Don't forget to use specially created email or url filters as well to delete from the settings of the email grabber, because they are usually no longer wanted for later searches. It is, however, too urgent recommend that you always keep the filters set during installation.

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