Email Grabber - FAQ: How can I ...
... find email addresses from an industry or a topic?

To do this, use the "Keyword search on the web" function, which is selected on the result lists of a Search engine based.
  • Menu: Search files ❯ Add ❯ Keyword search on the web.
  • Choose any search engine.
  • In the line "with all words" enter the topic or industry you are looking for.
  • In the line "with any of the words" it makes sense to enter the following words:
    contact imprint email mail (without comma) - since email addresses are usually close to one of these words stand, you increase the hit rate enormously and search few unwanted pages
  • Now choose the maximum number of search results that should be found.
  • Click on "Add search results" click and close the window.
  • Press the start button.
  • In the dialog for start preparation:

    • Set the number of link tracking levels to 1 to 3. One step is necessary to get from the search engine to the results pages. If search words like " imprint contact " etc. are indicated, you usually end up on the correct subpage. If the search time does not play a major role can try with 2 or 3 link tracking levels more Find email addresses.
    • Level from which only internal links are followed: 1
      After one step you jumped from the search engine to the results pages and stay within these pages, as otherwise the results would not have much to do with the search words entered.
    • Empty the URL history lists if necessary in order to be independent of previous searches.
    • Press the "Start ❯" button in the dialog window.

The search results are searched for links and email addresses, then the links found land in the list of the search files. In all probability, around one email address per page will be found here will be.

! If the option to delete duplicate addresses immediately is not selected , you can now delete duplicates using the delete button ("... Duplicate addresses") under the Remove email list.

! Even if Google often states that it has found several million pages, if only a maximum of 1,000 can be viewed, vary the search terms to get new results.

! With many search queries it can happen that a search engine temporarily blocks the email grabber for further queries. In that case, try a different search engine. Despite massive differences in market share, the results are still almost equivalent.

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