Email Grabber - FAQ: How can I ...
... search all files in a local folder for email addresses?

  • Menu: Search files ❯ Add ❯ Folder
  • Specify the file types to be searched separated by commas (without *. or. before!)
  • alternatively leave the field empty or only enter a star * to really add all file types
  • Now click on "Select folder" click and select the folder to be searched
  • a message indicates how many files have been added, the dialog now "Close"
  • Press the start button, the search starts immediately

! With large local folders, system files, hidden files and certain binary data can still crash. If in doubt, limit the search to known file types.

! If you search all possible file types, the search can sometimes take a long time, even if the email grabber ignores files such as videos, but sometimes very large, unknown file types are searched .

! If the option to delete duplicate email addresses immediately is not selected , you can now delete duplicates using the delete button ("... Duplicate addresses") under the Remove email list.

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