Email Grabber - FAQ: How can I ...
... import email addresses into Outlook?

The following instructions refer to Microsoft Outlook 2019. If you have problems with another version, please write to us a support message via the contact form.

First save the addresses in the email grabber:

  1. Save your email list via menu: File ❯ Save email addresses ❯ CSV Excel/Access ❯ separated by a comma (!).

In Outlook you import the saved list with the menu item File ❯ Open and Export ❯ Import/export. The export/import assistant opens, click on the "Next" button after each of the following steps:

  1. Select "Import from other programs or files" from the list
  2. Select "Comma Separated Values" from the list
  3. Decide how to deal with duplicates, select the CSV file that you previously saved in the email grabber
  4. Select "Contacts" as the target folder
  5. If you have not already done so, check the file in the list on the left and click on the "Assign user-defined fields" button on the right
  6. In the list on the right, scroll down to "E-Mail" and click on the small "+" next to it, the entry "E-mail address" and others appear
  7. Drag the line with the email address from the left into the right column onto the line "Email address"
  8. Close the dialog window and click on "Finish" in the assistant

Outlook CSV import into the address book
The steps in the Outlook 2019 import/export wizard

! The first e-mail address in the list will be missing after the import, as this line was recognized as a "header" and the email grabber currently does not Saves CSV files with a header line.

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