Email Grabber - FAQ: How can I ...
... merge multiple address lists?


You have saved several e-mail lists from previous searches or other sources, which you would now like to merge? This is just as possible as a comparison with a blacklist, for example from newsletter unsubscriptions.

If the files are not in TXT format (one below the other) or CSV:

  • Files via menu: Search files ❯ Add file/folder
  • Press the "Start ❯" button in the dialog window
  • Menu: File ❯ Delete addresses ❯ Duplicate addresses

If the files are in TXT format (one below the other) or CSV:

  • Menu: File ❯ Adjustment: start list ❯ Select TXT or CSV
  • select the first file, then repeat the process for all files
  • Duplicate addresses cannot arise here

To combine several e-mail address lists, you can of course simply search through them using the search function and then delete the duplicates. However, the route described above is significantly faster, especially with large address databases.

! The menu items for adding or removing address lists can be accessed via the "synchronization" Button under the e-mail list as well as in the menu under file ❯ Matching: ... to be found in the email grabber.

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