Email Grabber - FAQ: How can I ...
... speed up the search for email addresses?

If you under Menu: Settings ❯ further settings the immediate sorting out of duplicates If you have selected email addresses, this noticeably slows down the search from around 1,000 addresses. Let In between or before saving the list, filter out the duplicates with the delete button.

Search as few pages as possible unnecessarily: set the value from the only internal page Links should be followed correctly (start preparation dialog or settings ❯ link tracking). With "Keyword search on the web" normally set the value to "1" so from the Search engine away on the result. When starting on a website or portal that cannot be left the value can also be set to "0" stand. If subdomains should also be recorded You can do this in the right column of the URL filter settings (Menu: Settings ❯ URL filter) enter the domain and the internal link tracking equal to the value of the entire link tracking put.

If you are still using version 1.x or 2.x, you should upgrade to the email grabber 2022 in Consider to speed up the search. This works, mainly by bypassing various unwanted files and domains much faster and more stable.

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