Email Grabber - FAQ: How can I ...
... check the existence of an email address?

  • In principle, there is the possibility of directly "asking" a mail server whether a E-mail address exists or not. Unfortunately, the servers usually do not allow requests from dynamic IPs. For example, almost everyone who dials in via DSL has a dynamic IP. Only real dedicated lines have fixed IPs. Therefore the existence in the email grabber cannot be checked at the moment.
  • With the free tool Croque-Mort you can be quite reliable Query e-mail lists for their existence. You can download the tool from
  • There are now some online services that specialize in the validation of email addresses Has. You buy
  • there usually volume packages, so ultimately pays per requested email address.
  • There is also the case that a mail server reports that an e-mail address exists, which accepts Server every imaginable Address of the domain in question, a so-called catch-all.
  • On the other hand, it happens quite often that a server does not want to tell whether an address is exists, this is then to be treated as non-existent.
  • Conclusion: if you want to validate your address list, you definitely have to write off a percentage due to failed tests.

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