Email Grabber - FAQ: How can I ...
... get better results with keyword searches on the web?

  • Do not necessarily enter what you are looking for as keywords, but rather the text you are looking for on the page You're looking to suspect. For example, a butcher is more likely to be " butcher " than his Job title " Butcher " have to stand on the side.
  • Just look for one industry at a time. If you have the 1,000 search results that Google delivers maximum (even if more is given), try the search term with city names the next time to combine.
  • For " with any of the words " definitely the following to: imprint contact email mail
    This improves the results enormously because you usually land directly on the contact page.
  • The link tracking level (start dialog or menu: Settings ❯ Link tracking) must be at least to "1" stand that the search engine will jump to the results at all can. The level from which only internal links are followed must also be at least "1" because otherwise only internal search engine links are followed - this is not wanted and will anyway prevented by the URL filter.
    "1" for both values is perfect for the case that we really jump on the Land contact page. However, it is safer if the search depth is 2-3 (level from only Searches internally on the page are still on "1").

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