Email Grabber - FAQ: How can I ...
... derive correct URLs with search results from forms?

  • It is not always possible to use the URL of a search result on any given page to get exactly that search result or to display one at all. In that case you can try a url yourself to build together.
  • In the source text of the page (right click show source text in the browser) you will be introduced to the search form from " < form ... > " Find
< form name=" form1 " method=" post " action="/senden.php" >
< table width=" 100% " border="0" >
< tr > < td > Search term: </td > < td > < input type=" text " name=" such " > </td > </tr >
< tr > < td > Customer: </td > < td > < input type=" checkbox " name=" customer " value="1" > </td > </tr >
< tr > < td colspan="2" > < input type=" submit " name=" Submit " value=" Submit " > </td > </tr >
</table >

</form >
  • The file name in the " action " attribute must be placed behind the current URL. If the form for example on the page, this is the name of the new URL in this example
  • The fields to be transferred are separated from the file of the URL with a question mark. In the following you can all text boxes, selection fields, etc. with any values, in any order with & can be added separately. A valid URL for a search query would be here for example ? such=maier & customer=1
  • further parameters are always & name=value ü passed
  • value = Attributes in the source text only indicate starting values. For selection fields (tick) this is but the only value that can be assumed. In this case you use exactly this value for " selected " or nothing for " not selected ". In our case it is the selection box with the name customer and the value "1" for selected.
  • You should try all of this in the browser until it works and only then in the email grabber afterwards let search.

! Not all pages allow parameters to be passed via URL on form pages.

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