Email Grabber – FAQ: What can I do ...
... if no email addresses are found?

  • Is there a connection to the Internet?
  • Any proxy settings must be made in Internet Explorer (even if this is not the standard browser).
  • Make sure that the program including dwld.exe is not blocked by the firewall.
  • Partly, the security settings of virus scanners are also to blame. Close the virus scanner completely, if the email grabber works then restart the virus scanner and look for the problematic setting. The same goes for Internet Security Suites.
  • Make sure that the search is not prevented by setting exceptions:
    • Menu: Settings ❯ Email filter
    • Menu: Settings ❯ URL filter
    • Empty the URL history lists if necessary
    • Press the "Start ❯" button in the dialog window
    "Dangerous" there are entries on the right-hand side, because only URLs and email addresses with these keywords can be found. The lines entered by default on the left-hand side should remain and should not hinder the search any further.
  • Have a look at the source code, maybe the search page has frames and you are searching the frameset instead of the actual page? In the source text (right click ❯ show source text - in the web browser) the link to the actual page should be found.
  • Links that open new windows sometimes work with Javascript, the email grabber often cannot find them. Look in the source code and add these links manually.
  • Possibly the email addresses are also protected by a script, ASCII characters or other methods (e.g. info @ Under menu: Settings ❯ further settings there are some options to bypass such protection methods.

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