Email Grabber – FAQ: How can I ...
... find my customers' email addresses?

Do you have a database of your customers, for example as an Excel file, but many email addresses are missing or out of date?

Apart from the syntax, the email grabber software cannot help you with the validation of email addresses we offer you a cost-effective online solution for this. The prerequisite is that you have the name of the contact person and a homepage in your database.

Our online service can use this to find the correct spelling of the email address and add it to the customer list. For example maxmueller @ ..., max.mueller @ ..., mueller @ ..., m.mueller @ ... and more.

If you only use the URL in your database or your contact person no longer works in the company or has a new name, the recognition of the general address as fallback is also conceivable. We determine which of the usual variants exists here: info @ ..., kontakt @ ..., hello @ ..., etc.

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